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I love to share my favorite moments, and there are so many! It’s hard to decide, but these are the pictures and videos that capture the heart and spirit of Italy for me. I also believe these are the moments when I am reminded life unfolds in the most spectacular way.

Torino, Piemonte, Italy 2019

I will take a great Janis Joplin song anytime. I think her voice is incredible.

Italy 2018

Late in 2018, my sister Tracy and I spent five weeks in Italy. One of the highlights of our trip was renting Vespas and touring through Puglia, in the southeastern corner of Italy (think of the heel of the boot). This video captures the magic and fun of our time together.
Traveling from Firenze to Veneto..on Frecciarossa. Andiamo!!!
There is something magic the way the ray of sunlight pierces through the main altar of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. This photo is untouched and perfect in its original state.

Cinque Terre 2018

Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy 2015

Here I am with my amazing husband in Massa Lubrense. We are standing at the top of this beautiful 16th Century tower converted into a suite for guests. It was magical beyond belief. We stayed just north of the Amalfi Coast. Below you will notice the black tarps that protect the delicate rind of the lemons in this region, for this is where limoncello is made!
Maurine, Linda, Darin and me with Positano in the background, Amalfi Coast 2015. The weather wasn’t as cooperative, but it was still beautiful!

Capri 2015

One of my favorite pictures of Darin as we traveled around Capri on a private yacht. This picture captures the pure joy of that day in 2015.

Oh the food!

Roma, mi piace!

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